• Henan Shijia Photons Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shijia Photons – the development and production base of PLC optical integrated products Henan Shijia Photons Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the Electronic Industrial Park of the National Economic Development Zone of Hebi in Henan, with a total investment of 650 million yuan, and an annual capacity of 4 million pieces of products. The company was jointly invested and established by Zhengzhou Shijia Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and the Institute of Semiconductors under Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of PLC optical integrated chips and core components.

  • Shenzhen Hymson Laser Technologies Co.,Ltd

    Hymson founded in 2007, with one stop solution for laser and automation, with complete business modules including R&D, production, sales and service. Hymson has more many experts with rich industrial experience and more than 200 employee with average 30 years old, more than 80% are college and university degree or above.

  • Shenzhen Audaquer Data Technology Co., Ltd.

    Audaquer data of the company products are mainly involved in big data management, data quality, data management and product planning advisory services, the overall data management provides automatic generation and data products and services, related data quality standard solution provider.

  • Wuhan Douyu Network Technology Co. Ltd.

    Wuhan Douyu network technology Limited is a dedicated to all people to bring joy to share live barrage site, is the domestic leader in live sharing website. At present, the network mainly Douyu live game, covering sports, arts, entertainment and other broadcast content. Average daily users of the platform more than 16 million, the average user online longer than 90 minutes, the first in the industry.

  • Layabox network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    Layabox Network Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd and solution provider (mobile phone software, TCL, Gionee, waveguide and mobile phone game maker Spreadtrum) (ROVIO, GAMELOFT, HALFBRICK, music funny game, family travel network, easy entertainment games) in close cooperation, and has reached the marketing policy of the United front.

  • Dalian Boronten Sci&Tech Co.,Ltd

    Dalian Boronten Sci&Tech Co.,Ltd Profile. Founded in November 2007 and was mainly directed at the stable chemical isotopes research and development, production and sales. Our business philosophy is to “advocate science and technology,blaze a new trail,take human as essential,revive national Boron-10 industry”. We have strong capacity of conducting technical research as well as management experience. The company employs four senior engineers,eight Bachelor degree technical workers and most of the factory workers have chemical operation experience for years.

  • Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2001, BAK Battery (hereinafter referred to as "BAK") was headquartered in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong. It has now developed into an international leading new energy enterprise with lithium battery, electric vehicle and battery recycle as its three core business lines. BAK owns upstream and downstream industry clusters in China that integrate the research and development, production and sales of lithium batteries and lectric vehicle, such as Shenzhen BAK Power, Zhengzhou BAK Battery. In addition, the company has subsidiaries in Europe and India and has set up offices in the United States to support the extensive domestic market and expanding oversea market.

  • Shaanxi Lighte Optoelectronics Material Co., Ltd,

    Shaanxi Lighte Optoelectronics Material Co., Ltd, headquartered in the Xi’an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, specializes in the research and development, production and marketing of liquid crystal materials, OLED materials, high-pure electronic chemicals and industrial chemicals. As a high-tech enterprise with strong technical force, high-class process equipment and advanced inspection equipment, Shaanxi Light Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd has become the industry leader in the Northwest region.

  • Suzhou Bowing Medical Technologies Co., Ltd.

    BOZWIN focuses on applying innovative medical technology to create cost effective solutions resulting in better healthcare for the general public. BOZWIN has locations in both Boston, United States and Suzhou, China.

  • Gugangdong Winsing Company Limited

    Guangdong Winsing Company Limited is one of the most promising animation enterprises in China. Since its establishment in 1986, Winsing has successfully transformed from the audio industry leader to be one of the largest content suppliers of the family cultural entertainment of the country.

  • Guangzhou Sheng Cheng mother network Polytron Technologies Inc

    Guangzhou Sheng into the first camp mother network Polytron Technologies Inc belongs to the domestic vertical maternal community (Bao Baoshu, mother, Parenting Network), when the per capita use long top (mother network 56min, baby tree 28min), only one successful business diversification and continued profitability of the platform.

  • Xi'an Radio-OFCAM Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Xi'an Radio-OFCAM Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, specializing in intelligent automatic monitoring, TD-LTE broadband cluster scheduling and cloud computing three business segments, double soft enterprises. Headquartered in Xi'an, has offices in Beijing, Urumqi and Lanzhou, and has established a marketing service network in more than and 30 cities across the country.

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