• Chongqing Lanscape Construction Engineering (Group) Limited by Share Ltd

    Chongqing Landscape Construction Engineering (Group) Limited by Share Ltd is mainly engaged in the restoration of antique, antique architectural engineering and landscape engineering business, is currently in the direction of the development of the text brigade project operations. Nearly 10 years to participate in the national cultural relics of ancient architecture protection and restoration projects nearly 100, also undertake a number of well-known Jin Southwest Municipal Garden project.

  • Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1991, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Firmly committed to our mission of “sharing medical technologies with the world”, we are dedicated to innovation in the fields of Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Medical Imaging System.

  • Hunan Xeno biological Polytron Technologies Inc

    Hunan Xeno biological Polytron Technologies Inc main business for xenotransplantation (transplantation of porcine islet cells) for the treatment of diabetes and diabetic complications, alleviate development of medical technology, specifically from the self cultivation for islet cell transplantation donor pig inbred lines - "species number one" DPF donor pigs from pancreas, and separated by the company specific purification and preparation of porcine islet cells biological preparation, the preparation is transplanted into the patient by means of specific areas of intervention (mainly in the liver), for diabetic patients to build a complete system of islet.

  • Beijing Advanced Medical Technologies, Ltd. Inc

    Beijing Advanced Medical Technologies, Ltd. Inc (AMT) is a high-tech enterprise founded by returned overseas experts in 2011, and is the only organization in the world that produces fully bioabsorbable vascular stent using 3D printing technology. At present, the company owns a number of related technology patents at home and abroad.

  • Guangzhou Mei Mei Electronic Commerce International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

    Guangzhou Meiya Electronic Commerce International Travel Service Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "American business") core business covers tickets B2B platform, business management, the main tourist resort of the three plates, to provide professional tourism products and services solutions for customers. American business travel 1-8 2016 operating income of 310 million yuan, net profit of RMB 17 million 70 thousand yuan.

  • Beijing Haoqiao Technology Co., Ltd.

    Good clever net is dedicated to international hotel book, offer the practical and convenient search and booking service for the self-help outbound tourists.

  • Genox Recyling Tech Co., Ltd

    Genox Recyling Tech Co., Ltd is a collection of renewable resources recycling equipment R & D, production and sales of modern enterprise. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast asia. The company has a large lathe 1250X5000, Longmen 3000X6000, Longmen large milling CNC milling 4000X2200, 1500X800 vertical machining center, CNC cutting machine and other processing equipment, with strong processing power, in accordance with the CE standard, professional manufacturing all kinds of plastic, scrap tires, scrap metal, wood, paper products, such as cable material recycling equipment.

  • Xi'an Inno Aviation Technology Co. Ltd.

    Xi'an Inno Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2015, is a dedicated aerial robot technology companies, research on auto control technology, unmanned navigation, solve scheme, visual reconstruction and analysis system, visual scene and application of artificial intelligence research, core members include Northwestern Polytechnical University, Tsinghua University, West Jiaotong University and overseas well-known in returning young scientists and engineering experts, have long-term cooperation foundation of aerospace, military research, large-scale research institutions and experience. Shaanxi Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest.

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